Privacy policy of CIS
Collision Investigation Services

We protect your privacy information

Privacy policy as followed by CIS.

CIS undertakes to protect your privacy by not reselling or revealing any of our client's or prospective client's information.

If we have collected information by way of email, form submission, phone call, snail mail or any other method of natural or electronic transmission we will not divulge this information to any other party except in special cases such as:

  • When the other party is involved in the investigation as a professional, such as when a second opinion may be sought
  • When it is a legal requirement or enforcement to reveal privacy information
  • Occasionally an IT professional may be required to access email or form submission data but will be sworn to secrecy and will generally not be looking at the information other than to collate or fix a web type problem

Australian privacy law

The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) regulates the way that Australian govt agencies and some private sector organisations collect, use, disclose, secure, provide access to and correct personal information.

There are several other laws also regulate the handling of particular information about an individual, for example, criminal records. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OAIC) can take regulatory and enforcement action to encourage and ensure compliance with privacy obligations.

The OAIC’s Privacy regulatory action policy explains the OAIC’s approach to using these privacy regulatory action powers.

CIS attempts to comply with the Australian privacy legislation at all times and takes this matter seriously and has considered the ten key principals of privacy legislation compliance (below) very carefully, see explanation of each privacy principle.

  • Collection
  • Use and disclosure
  • Data quality
  • Data security
  • Openness
  • Access and correction
  • Identifiers
  • Anonymity
  • Transborder data flows
  • Sensitive information

CIS has followed the OAIC general privacy legislation compliance guidelines and also the small business privacy compliance guidelines and is committed to keeping up with any compliance issues regarding collecting information, the use of photographs of recognisable people, the


For more information regarding the CIS privacy policy please contact CIS on 0405 149 064 or email .

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