Car accident scene inspection and examination

Accident Scene Examination

CIS supplies 3D reconstructions to reinforce the investigation when required. (above)

Attending the scene of an incident is as important as well documented damage profiles to motor vehicles. A proper and thorough examination of the scene can identify not only whether the collision has actually occurred at that location but also whether road geometry has contributed to the collision. Examples maybe over grown vegetation blocking the line of sight for drivers/pedestrians, position of the sun for early morning or twilight collisions.

Accident scenes are documented by way of photography, photogrammetry or total station to show the design of the roadway and positions of relevant information (See also forensic mapping for further information).

A proper and thorough scene examination identifies the presence of tyre friction marks (skid marks), yaw marks, acceleration marks or vehicle debris. When linked to the vehicles of interest this can provide a great deal of information about the way a vehicle has been driven leading up to a collision as well as after the impact.

The absences of these marks also tells a properly trained investigator whether the driver and/or pedestrian have had proper situational awareness and have behaved normally with average reaction times to the collision events.

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