Tyre examination, analysis & investigation

Tyre and tread examination

The effects of low tyre tread on wet roads

Tyres are very important to a road accident investigation.
How a tyre interacts with the surface of the roadway plays an integral part in the handling of vehicles especially on wet and unsealed roadway surfaces.

CIS offer a thorough examination of all tyres by proven methods outlined in the current accident investigation journals and text books.

During the tyre examination we are looking for defective tyres, low tread depth, damaged and/or faulty wheel rims and many other possible accident causation factors.

The identification of damage to the tyre and rim of the vehicle also assists in correctly positioning the vehicle at all stages of the accident i.e pre-accident, collision and post accident.

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“Tyres are especially relevant in wet weather collisions where a reduction in tread depth of 4mm can reduce the handling of a vehicle by 90%.”

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