Using CDR as part of Accident Invesigation

Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

CDR information including pros and cons and technical explanation.

Crash data retrieval systems (CDR) are increasingly being used throughout Australia and New Zealand as a method of accessing detailed information from the Air Bag Control Module and Power Control Module of a motor vehicle.

Vital crash data information can be extracted from vehicles supported by the Bosch CDR Software which can then be used to determine important crash causation metrics including vehicle acceleration and deceleration and at what point the brakes were applied and the change in velocity of one or both vehicles involved whether headlights or brake lights were on, whether seatbelts were worn as well as what the vehicle/s were doing up to 5 seconds prior to impact.

CIS are qualified in the downloading of the information as well the interpretation of the information and how that relates to the collision.

Currently in Australia Holden, Toyota, Chrystler, Jeep and Mazda are downloadable vehicles.
See full list of available vehicles.

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