Pedestrian and bicycle accident investigation

Car, bike and pedestrian collisions

2 frame animation showing 3D representation of a car colliding with a pedestrian

Collisions involving cars and pedestrians usually result in serious injury or death

Pedestrian and bicycle collisions are unique types of road accident and require a specialised analysis.

Most collisions occur over a very small time period of about 100-200 milliseconds and can involve relatively minor interaction between the vehicles and pedestrians.

A detailed examination of all aspects of the accident including the car or bicycle (or tram) involved, as well as the pedestrian's injuries are vital to gain a complete understanding of the dynamics of these types of collisions.

CIS staff will determine the impact speed as well as the lines of sight for the driver, pedestrian or cyclist.

CIS will also analyse to find out if a traffic signal was present, we also gather information about the traffic signal timing.

Other factors we typically address for a pedestrian or bicycle accident:

  • The location of the pedestrian when they were struck by the vehicle
  • The type of damage the pedestrian caused to the vehicle for use in determining the speed of the vehicle
  • Whether there was sufficient reaction time for the driver to avoid the pedestrian
  • The speed of the vehicle involved
  • The visibility of the pedestrian to the driver and the visibility of the vehicle to the bike rider or pedestrian
  • The available lighting at the time of the accident with a view to determining if it was a causal factor in the collision
  • The timing and positions of the vehicle and bicycle during the accident sequence
  • Whether the driver and rider were following rules of the road applicable to them
  • When the driver first became aware of the rider and bicycle
  • Whether traffic signal timing had a role in the accident
  • Whether the accident was avoidable

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