Motorcycle accident investigation

Motorcycle collision analysis

Crash test dummys are used extensively in car crash analysis

Crash test dummies are used extensively in car crash analysis

The analysis of motorcycle collisions includes consideration of stability, separate front and rear braking systems, visibility, acceleration rates, greater susceptibility to roadway conditions, etc.

Due to the nature of most motorcycle collisions the rider and pillion passenger become separated from the vehicle.
Identifying where separation has occurred as well as where the occupants have come to rest can be used to corroborate or cast doubt on a version of events.

When investigating these type of collisions the following are examples of what CIS staff attempt to identify:

  • The speeds and orientations of the vehicles before, during and after impact
  • Visibility and sight distances
  • Whether a vehicle stopped at a stop sign or traffic signal
  • The timing of events and the appropriateness of actions of the involved parties
  • The effect of roadway conditions on motorcycle stability
  • Whether the accident could have been avoided by an alert driver
  • Using the collected data to gauge whether normal perception and reaction time were impaired

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