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Collision Investigation Services Pty Ltd (CIS)

CIS chief investigator Pat McDonald

CIS chief investigator Pat McDonald

CIS are independent, thorough and focused motor vehicle crash investigators, conscious of the sensitivity of any particular accident situation and the need for discretion during car crash investigations.

CIS approaches the practice of crash investigation with an emphasis on expert observation and professional investigation reporting using the latest computer modeling if necessary to help understanding of accident causation by 3D collision reconstruction and animation.

Principal Patrick (Pat) McDonald has over nineteen years experience investigating motor vehicle and workplace accidents with personal injuries ranging from minor scrapes and broken bones to car accidents where fatalities have occured, read more about Pat McDonald (pictured right).

CIS are specialists in collision analysis

CIS principal Pat McDonald conducting a vehicle examination as part of an accident investigation

Pat McDonald is shown conducting a vehicle examination as part of a car crash investigation.
Photo courtesy: AIS forensic facility, Kingswood NSW

CIS staff are highly qualified and experienced in providing and presenting independent reports based on proven scientific methods. With 19 years experience CIS staff pride themselves on well presented and easy to understand reports.

CIS understand that not everyone grasps the scientific principles involved in crash reconstruction and how important it is to convey a message and opinion to all people.

Because a picture can speak a thousand words CIS can provide simulations of collisions, if required, in order to give an instant appreciation of what has occurred.


CIS is expert at providing courtroom testimony for personal injury claims, vehicle insurance claims, negligence claims and other situations of legal conflict where expert testimony maybe required.

Our primary clients are insurance companies and law firms and we provide them with professional opinions, detailed reports and quality independant evidence in a timely manner.

Crash Investigation Services

Spectacular experiment showing high speed collision between a modern and older version of the same make and model of car

Crash Scene Inspection

Our qualified staff attend the scene of the incident for an independent assessment and examination. The benefit to our clients is the identification of evidence that will assist in the investigation. To photograph the scene and record the scene way of photogrammetry or total station. Each scene and job is different so our approach is tailored to individual requests. The information is then used to produce 2D plans on paper or if required simulations of the incident based on the physical evidence available.

Roadway evidence

Analysis of roadside evidence can tell a crash investigator the behaviour of the vehicles involved in a collision. The presence or absence of tyre friction evidence (skid marks) will alert the accident investigator as to whether a vehicle was under braking when collision occurred.
See more information about CIS accident scene inspection.

Vehicle Inspection, examination and analysis

We pride ourselves on a methodical and thorough examination of every vehicle involved in a crash to ensure all available evidence is collected and documented for completion of reports for clients and to ascertain which factors may have actually caused the accident.

Our range of accident investigation services includes:

Diagnostic analysis to identify any faults with the engine management of the vehicle


Thorough inspection and analysis of tyre condition including the state of the tread and tyre walls as well as possible tyre faults which may contribute to an accident. See more information about CIS tyre examination.

Crash data retrieval (CDR) to extract any pre-crash data that may be held in the vehicle’s air bag module or power train module. See more information about CIS crash data retrieval.

Seatbelt analysis to determine if seatbelts were worn at the time of the accident

Globe (also lamp, bulb, filament) analysis to determine if headlights, brake lights or indicators were on at the time of impact. See more information about CIS light bulb analysis.

Proper documentation of damage profiles to vehicle provides a complete analysis of damage and assists in positioning vehicles on the roadway during the phases of a collision.

Many years of experience and investigative analysis of motorbike, pedestrian and bicycle collisions and accidents.
Read more about CIS motorcycle crash investigation also push bike and pedestrian accident investigations.

Forensic Mapping

Through the use of total stations CIS staff can provide a high quality representation of the geometry of the roadway.

This includes a cross section to illustrate the grade of the roadway assisting in answering questions to do with ‘at what stage could the driver have first seen the pedestrian’ for example.

See more information about CIS forensic mapping using 2D and 3D computer modeling tools.

Hailstone damage assessment

Please see new information about the CIS hail damage examination service.

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